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Who is Behind?

Name: Sanjay Maharjan (Perbeteshor)
DOB: 12 April 1992
Home Address: Nhyeokha, Ason, Kathmandu, Nepal
Education: Bachelor in IT
Occupation: Entrepreneur

* Volunteering at The Art of Living.

* Facilitates different life changing courses for all age group.

* A Certified Yoga Trainer.

* #SpiritualMentor for Corporate Sectors, National Players and many more individuals (Upcoming Future Stars)

“A Beginning of a Magical Era, Here you are the Magician.” ~ Perbeteshor

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Initiator of Hashtag: #SanoUmerThuloSoch | #EutaTasbir | #DoublePhotography | #PerbeteshorPhotography | #Perbeteshor