Bal Chetana Shivir is a dynamic program for the children of a society that aims to empower children and help them rise to their full potential, by way of interactive games, group discussions, creative assignments, and stress elimination techniques like breathing and meditation. At the end of the program, children are fully equipped with tools that help them deal with situations, break their personal barriers and inspires them ready to take on the everyday challenges life with a renewed sense of confidence.

Bal Chetana Shivir is a free course for 5 days for 1 hour each. Within these few days, we have seen significant changes in the children. As the children are the future and next generation we are dedicated and feel proud to help children grow up in a matured, responsible and healthier manner.

Here is a documentation which is done by the Naya Pusta at Nava Adarsha Madhyamik Vidhyala:
Time: 04:37 min – 07:30 min

Our mission is to conduct this Bal Chetana Shivir at different schools, orphanage and rural society children. We have already conducted this shivir at various places and many children were benefited. Therefore, we would like to continue this progress in the daily life of all the children.

Bal Chetana Shivir is a program conducted by The Art of Living Foundation. The founder of The Art of Living is Sri Sri Ravi Shankar whose vision is to make a violence free, crime free and stress-free.

I would like to thank the team of Naya Pusta for the coverage. Special Thanks to Sanskriti Chalise & Salina Upreti.

Here is the few link of courses that i have condcuted in Nepal:

Bal Chetana Shivir

1. Hopad
2. Kanya Mandir Madhyamik Vidhyala
3. Siddharta Academy
4. Ekata Secondary School
5. Shakt Ghar
6. Bal Sarathi Academy