perbeteshor3rd International day of yoga was celebrated in many different parts of Nepal. This time i got opportunity to conduct the yoga session at Basantapur Durbar Square. An initation of The Art of Living and supported by Daya Foundation organization. 113 Students of 5 government school was invited to participate for this program and we successfully celebrated the Idoyoga. All the volunteers and organizer are the key source for this success.19415956_10213171657662987_715803604_n

After Basantapur, We went to Malpi city school. There also with the help of teacher and other volunteers friend we conducted for 108 students. Teachers also enjoyed being part of the yoga session and invited us for next time as well. With this kinds of response made us overwhelmed and we enjoyed their company as well.  2  5 19398683_10213171659063022_392917582_n