ART EXCEL & YES course is for the children and youth of age between 8 – 18 years by The Art of Living(AOL). ART EXCEL stands for All Round Training for Excellence & YES stands for Youth Empowerment  Seminar. This program benefits the participants in terms of Leadership, Team work, Creativity & Mass communication and many more.

Yes Course with Perbeteshor

Being a teacher of AOL recently on 08 August 2017, I had not taken any courses and was excited to organize and conduct the course by myself. Then accordingly, the program date was fixed from 22-25 September  and the venue at Mitrapark. All the promotion on social media ( Facebook – Twitter – Google + ) was done. Then as planned, Damayanti mam and I were ready to conduct the program. We got 9 children for the AE Program.

Yes Course 1 with Perbeteshor

YES Course was conducted from 23rd Sept where we got special 6 participants for the program. We had so much of game and knowledge together. Variety of participant in AE group made it more interesting to conduct and enjoy. Some of them were so energetic, so balanced, so peaceful and so restful as well.  YES participant were well matured and disciplined in all aspects and I enjoyed being with them.

Yes Course 2 with Perbeteshor

Everyday it was a new learning for me and for them as well. 4 days passed so fast and their experience of the program were so interesting to hear. They found the program very interesting, peaceful and very helpful. One of the participant shared he had increased his listening skill and this kind of program should be done by everyone. I personally also had a very good time with them and learned so many things from them. We also had game, music and dance together. At the end of the program we had a group picture as well for all time memory.

I am grateful to our master Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for this wonderful knowledge and making me an instrument of his vision towards the society and world.

Art Excel Perbeteshor

Our Hashtag : #ArtExcel #YesCourse #TheArtofLivingNepal #SanoUmerThuloSoch

P.S. This program can be conducted in school/College as well. It will be better if we can share this spiritual knowledge to everyone.