‘Photography’ is what I have wished since long. It was not possible because I did not have my personal DSLR camera. Despite the fact, I had been fulfilling my wishes through my SAMSUNG GRAND mobile and through my facebook page ‘Perbeteshor Photography’ where I have collected some of the nice pics and it was an initiation of my photography. Most of the pictures that I have shot is of nature rather than people. Photography does not only mean capturing the memories or any event. For me, it is being one with the nature and surroundings and capturing her in innovative ways and displaying its highest possibilities. A step ahead towards the photography is all about Night Photography.

On November 26, 2014 I was at hospital at Kunpondol as my grandmom was sick. It was planned that I will go for photography after we see her, as I had a DSLR of CANNON which was lent by my friend Amip Kuthu for a month. I would like to thank him for providing me the opportunity to chase my hobby. I was planning to go alone at first but I got accompanied by my very supportive and helpful uncle Basanta Dongol who came along to encourage and cheer me as it was night. It was really an amazing journey where many interesting things happened and I enjoyed them very much.


It was during the 18TH SAARC summit and everything was decorated, repaired, road double pitched, waving flags in many places, tight security and different scenarios of Kathmandu, Nepal. As the journey began from Kupondol, we went to Thapathali Maitighar Mandala directly as it was colorized after 14 years after 11th SAARC summit. Today was the first day of 18th SAARCH summit and it was decorated exquisitely and I shot some photographs but it could have been shot better if it had not been night time. Above picture was shot on the previous day from the top of house of whom I have never met.

Then we moved straight to Baneshor as scheduled. The atmosphere was vibrant as street lights were on and beside the garden main road was decorated skillfully. I was taking pictures from every angle that I could take. Some of the nice pictures that I captured and many snaps were inadequate to satisfy me. Then shortly I went to middle of the road where vehicles were moving speedily since it was night and I tried to take a picture of road, lights, and hoarding board related to SAARC altogether. My uncle assisted me in this by making me aware of the vehicles that passed nearby. The effective co-ordination that exists between us proved in this regard as well. Then without taking many risks, we headed for our next targeted destination through straight up to Baneshor and double left turn to return back from Anamnagar.


 I was just loving everything as it was happening. Taking photograph around midnight, when cold and  hungry, walking on the street in darkness; security of camera was in mind (as it was of friend). Then on the way we bought a veg. chow chow and Real juice to feed our stomach. It was dark and we were eating and walking. Then we searched for dustbin to throw our chow chow packet and real juice, carried the scrap long way through and finally threw it in dustbin. Then making a zero (0) we moved to Singhadurbar area. Zero means we began our journey from Mandala – Babarmahal – Baneshor – Thapa gau – Hanumansthan – South gate Singha Durbar – Mandala.  Streets were bright with street lights and Singha durbar was looking mind-blowing than other days. There we stopped over for more than 15 minutes shooting photographs in numerous ways as I could. I even lay down and tried to take a snap but it was not as I expected so taking snaps from behind of bhadrakali temple we directed towards Ratnapark.


Here is a twist in the story. We climbed up and crossed the skybridge near ‘Bhadrakali’ temple and there were few armies of our nation and we were about to go towards ‘Ratnapark’. Two policemen from nowhere came along shouting at us. We were at side of Tudhikhel and they were opposite to us, across the road. Then nodding our head with each other we went across there. They were shouting at us, “we have been calling you since long, why were you not responding?” whereas we had not heard a single voice. Then they saw the camera and inquired me, “Are you a reporter or any profession do you have?”. I simply gave answer that we are student and doing photography. Then again they told, “If you are reporter then tell us we will let you go.” We showed them our identity card and they checked my bag repeatedly they checked to find something. They found my toothbrush and without looking properly one of them said it was a torch and I told them it was brush and they were satisfied with answer; as I had been to Bhairawa for volunteering in The Art of Living courses in SOS, I had carried other small stuff with me. Then again they were insisting if we were reporter then they would let us go but we stuck to the truth and told them our address and name of my college. After long discussion my uncle told that our house was ahead of Police station (actually it was) and suddenly they changed their tone of speaking to us. They were saying that as SAARC was going on they had to strict their duty and check everyone. Then saying them that we also love our nation and to carry on with their duty, we moved ahead. Now as they said not to go straight to Ratnapark we went ahead of Kathmandu mall.


Finally we reached Rani Pokhari. Taking snapshot from Sky bridge was our last intention. Photography is also a game of breathe. It requires to hold your breathe, forbidding oneself to shake the camera for a perfect picture. Although it was not a perfect snap we headed downwards to take some snaps but as there were policemen, we didn’t want any problem at night. As a result, we turned to ason and headed for home passing through Basantapur to Kalimati. All over the way home, I was delighted and had a jubilant smile on my face. We arrived home before midnight and were fast asleep as soon as we had our appetizing dinner.

To sum up, I need to know more about photography, require some more tips and techniques such as control over my breath and hand, more practice with DSLR, etc. Forging ahead, I shall learn and be trained very soon. Hope to see our country being developed one day as SAARC has shown the glimpse of possibilities and opportunities of anything would be possible when we give our 100%.There will be more articles and inspiring, original and creative photographs in the forthcoming days.