I have been doing photography from a quite long time, specially mobile photography. Frankly, there are no tricks and techniques of photography of mine but i love to capture it in my own way. I guess this is how everybody does and are doing. One of my random click on street made me winner of “Peace on Earth Competition” organized by SFCG. It opened many opportunity for my photography passion. One of the prize was photography class at Artudio.

I went Artudio and met Kailash K Shrestha dai, founder of Artudio. As a profession he is an Artist and beyond that a good human being. There were 3 other friends who got in-depth knowledge of photography with techniques and tricks. One of the core factor in learning from Artudio was the way we can get art and the photography meet at a same point. Karma Tshering was another mentor who guided us more in practical session and very much helpful.


Artudio Photography

It was memorable days being with the artudians. New concept and creativity were enhanced. Through camera i got connected with many national and international friends. A Chinese Artist friend Qui Li and the France photographer Valerie Leonard are the highlights. Overall i am happy to be connected with Artudio where i have learned many things. If anybody wants to learn photography i would suggest them to visit Artudio.

I would like to thank Susma Maharjan for trusting me and providing me her camera. Obviously Kailash K Shrestha and Karma Tshering bro for mentoring. Finally, my team who supported me directly indirectly during the session.

Photo Credit : Karma Tshering