One evening, I met my close friend Amip Kuthu below my house. We are talking and he suggested me lets join the workshop called YES+. I did not asked so much question about it and next day i went with him. Initially, when i entered the room i found all of them were unfamiliar faces . It was second day according to my friend but it was a first day for me. All were talking with their friends so do I with Kuthu.

Class was begin with the jogging and it was quite fun to do. Slowly the exercise increases and we started to do lots of different exercise. Which were helping our body to get energized. In the process of jogging i felt little problem with my heart but i continued and completed till the first part of exercise. There was a relaxation also in the middle of the exercise so that we can be calm and again start with the high energy. Directly indirectly it was helping me from being energetic or boosting my stamina.

Exercise was making mine body tired but it was clearing my mind from all of the tension. Then the Sal Salutation (Surya Namaskar) was introduced. Initially it was little bit difficult but later on it became easy to learn and do. Else there were some mistake i am doing but later on i did it completely. It was test of mine body and presence of mind and i think i successfully stand on it. After that, we got a rest and our eyes were closed.  Then a while voice came up, good evening from the teacher Bhawesh Khanal.


He started to share knowledge about the life. Smiling and making other smile, making new friends , helping others, giving your 100% in every work, loving our parents, loving the nature and many more. Smile is a good medicine for removing all the frustration and negativity in our mind. It helps us to be friendly and make new friends. There was always in mind that i should make other smile, help others but something was stopping me from doing all that good stuff. I thought of that entire thing but i never got that level of confidence to do. But after learning so many good things from teacher, i got confidence inside me and nowadays i am doing that all things.

The first step towards a good work was hard to do but now it is everything okay for me. Now i just do not think i just do it. Because he had said that don’t try, just give your 100% and do it. “Give your 100%, in right direction, in right time”. This is the main mantra of my life towards the success and i know i will get it. Now, i am more friendly than previous it is because of “art of living”. Now, i am loving my parents more than i used to do. They are the creator of my life and i should dedicate my whole life to their service. Need to make smile and happy which i will do in any cost.


Then after some pranayama we started to do Sudarshan Kriya. I did not know what is a exact benefits of doing this but i was doing it because i know it will help me. I felt something inside me like i am having some special power within inside me. The process was continued till the end and i got rest for relaxation. At that time, my mind was stress less, no worries, light body, smile in my face and when i open my eyes i was more peaceful.

The money and the time that i gave to ‘art of living’ was fruitful for me in personal experience. Everyday a new lesson for us to, how to live a life. It is helping every parts of my body to get a positive vibes and to do good works. The task teacher gives us has a less time to complete but it indicates towards “opportunity does not comes to your doors we have to go to find opportunity.” Initially, task was not completed in a same day but later i completed.

After, all the good works there is something in my face that is a big smile from my heart. It just gives happiness deep inside whenever i do a good work. It is just a example of what i have done during the course but i know i have to keep on continue doing the good work so that i can make a smile on other face as well as mine.


overall ‘The Art of Living’ (AOL) taught me how to live a life and acceptance of the every situation we found in our way. It may be worst or may be good but a confidence in my heart and a smile in my face can make all the differences in my favour. Mentally and physically i have been grown up and all the credits goes to the AOL.

This course has encouraged and motivates me and my soul to be in a right path in my life. Good changes does not seen rapidly but i am feeling deep inside i have been changed in a positive way towards my dream and path of success.”Live the life, like this is the last of day of your life, Give love to other like they are the only who loves you.” Thanks to AOL family.