I am B+ and love to donate blood to save a life. One of the many donation blood donations is the best donation. I am happy that regardless many donations i can do blood donation once in a 3 month. It has been so long time that i had not donated the blood and wanted to donate blood directly to patient.

This concept came in my mind as i read a article of “youth for blood” (YFB) in “kosali” kantipur’s sub paper. They manages blood in emergency cases and call the specific blood group to donate blood in specific places. So, i wished to do the same so that i meet with the team and be in touch with them. I got a call from YFB, saying that i will have to be in Shahid Gangalal Hospital, Bansbari to donate the blood for a patient and i agreed i will be there to donate. So they gave me a number of the respective patience family and we got our numbers. I was happy that after a long time i got a chance to donate a blood.

I have to reach the venue at 9 am and the most difficult part for me is i do not know that venue. As my friend said i will get a bus or micro from ratnapark i followed same instruction and went to rantapark to take a vehicle. I went via micro to bansbari after more than 35 mins i reached to Shahid Gangalal hospital. Before i reached there i was wandering when i will reached to the destination and how i will figured out the person and all. Finally drivers says, we reached Hospital so i came down of it and entered to the Shahid Gangala Hospital for a first time.

Inside there was a statue and the fountain waterfall to that statue was making it even more beautiful. I called the number and after a while we meet and she was a aunti of that patience “maiju”. So i went with her to blood checking area and everybody was doing cross match to donate blood. The day before everybody did a cross match and those who are saying they are b+ they turned out into A+. This is how i got a chance to donate blood and the god has chosen me for this time.

I have not ate anything yet so now i need to eat something before i donate a blood. Otherwise i may be feel weak later on. My concept was i will have cross match and then i will eat something n i will donate but here it becomes direct so i want to have some ‘aalu-chana’ outside the hospital. I made 2 children a friend who were the son of that shopkeeper. At that time i got a call from that di to donate a blood but i did not heard the call and when i checked it out it was too late. So i payed the money and came as fast as i can but there was no body.

Then i called her and she was outside. A doctor has also went somewhere else and told her to have some food. So, she took me the cantin of the hospital and we had a tea and sel. She offered me lots of thing but i did not demand more and satisfied with whatever she was offering and she paid the money. At that short time of period we had some talk and discussed about the patience. Now, its time to donate a blood and we went to blood department but there were no doctor. So, asking another doctor we found the doctor and finally i was about to get a chance to donate.


I was in a room and lying down the in the comfortable a kind of sofa. He took my name and i said yes and he brought a needle and all the necessary things to collect a blood. I raise the cloth of my right hand and he pointed the needle and inserted inside mine hand. The feeling of inserting inside is always nice experience for me. I love that needle going inside my hand it makes me happy. God might has chosen me to donate blood throughout my life. So after that doctor went outside and patience maiju was looking from outside to me. After about 5 minute blood donation was completed and doctor put everything in its placed including needle of my hand.

Then after that one of the family member of patience came and saying about the depositing the money and all. So went to money counter they are asking about the 85,000 to do the operation and all and i figured out they still need a 2 person to donate a fresh blood. So i called YFB to let them know about 2 person and i told them i also do my best to collect other 2 person. Then without paying we went from there and went to see patience because i have told her i want to see.

We went to the cabin of 221 to see. He was 17 years old and his valve needed to operation. For that he was staying empty stomach and saying he was being hungry. I went and had little discussion. He did not study at all and does the work because of this condition he was not allowed to work now. Saying get well soon and good luck i went from there.

Again, Maiju offer me the go canteen but i refused because right now we need 2 more person to donate a blood and i put priority to that and i want to go home as soon as possible so that i can inform my other friend as well. So saying good bye and keep me updating about the condition of his i went from there. I took a tempo and went home and updated status for b+ required. Later on i got a call from YFB that they have managed 2 person and that maiju also called me 2 person has came and donated blood.