Who says if you do not have money then you can’t get a quality education. Education can be taken from anywhere we just need to be pursued in the right place with right people. Inside the Kathmandu, near Pashupati, we found kids age between 4 – 18 years old were studying in a classroom without paying a single penny. Those children whose parents can’t afford because of poverty, migration, conflict in the home got a hope of education in a form of Bal Sarathi Academy.

Babita Agrawal, Volunteer of The Art of Living coordinate to conduct the Bal Chetana Shivir in Bal Sarathi. I was invited to conduct the session and Jan 22 we started the session on the top floor with 37 students. As it was of 5 days we enjoyed our first day with games, knowledge and breathing techniques.

BCS Bal Sarathi Academy

Every day we shared new knowledge and get more connected with them. Most of them were so honest and discipline. And as usual, some of them were little naughty and entertainer. Their question was so unexpectable and natural but as i had experience of 4 years we deal with them easily.

I was companied by Volunteers like Babita di, Kopila, Yasodha, Pratibha and Shobha miss of the same school. They were becoming more peaceful as they were practicing meditation every day. Some of were taking the time to settle but at the end of the program, everybody was so silent and blissful.

Our last day is always the best day because we can witness their hidden talent. They host the program by themselves and everyone gets an opportunity to perform their talent. This time we saw graceful dancer and singer more. Other teachers were also encouraging and supporting to their children so that they can give their best.

Bal Sarathi Academy BCS

It was another wonderful experience for myself and our team as well. The proved that, although they were financially lacked but with their talent, they will be rich and achieve everything they wished for in their life. Again, we were there to teach them but they taught us more than we taught to them. Salute to Bal Sarathi Academy’s all members who have been working to make education available for this kind of kids. I felt privileged and glad to be part of this nice initiation.

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