Its a day to be a child again and feel the energy as being a child with full of enjoyment and fun. A Bal Chetana Shivir (BCS) is a course designed for the children 8-13 years for 5 days and the founder of it is Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. As this is the first school of Nepal and everybody was excited to be part of it.

We volunteer gather at the gate and we are all ready to go inside the school but then Neharika Dahal who organized this course in this school came by running and telling us we need to manage the student. So we also went upstairs and started to managing and making them comfortable at the classroom. As the student were less in number we have to gather them from playing ground, on the balcony and others  classes as well. Finally we collected the student and noise of them became even louder.

As we said them, this session will be games, fun and entertainment. We started with the clap game so that they can concentrate and focus on the game and they will remain silence. So, according to plan it work and with a loud of clapping our teacher for BCS Deepa Bhusal was welcomed.


She gave her introduction and started to become as friendly as she can be. Then other volunteer also gave introduction. She continued by giving introduction of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. She connected herself, volunteer with students and she started to connect with the Sri Sri. Then the session begins officially.

As it was the first day they were making noise especially boys. Controlling and facing all the difficulties and being child like them we finally concluded the first day and it was a pretty good lesson for us as well as knowledge for them also.

The 5 days passes so easily that we even did not know. It was so fun to  gathering the students in the class before the time, having chit chat with them, sharing and guiding them & listening to their ideas. We have collected 50 students and the volunteer were 20 and it was also the one of the fun part. Everybody was giving their 100% to be like them and correcting their mistakes. The class was all about some breathing techniques, meditation and bhajan (satsang). It helps to concentrate on their study, enhancing their energy, creating a positive vibes in surrounding and preparation for a making a better youth in near future.


As far as my experience i found they got a change in themselves. The first day they started with noise and the last day they were silence and want to listen more and be with us. Last day was of Talent day. So our full time teacher Mr. Bhawesh Khanal sir was also invited to join the talent session. All the student shows their talents as singing, dancing, poetry, drama and many more. Volunteers also got a chance to perform and got opportunity to be like a kid infront of them. After Bhawesh sir came with his guitar we had a satsang from english, nepali, hindi, to pop-song also.

Everybody enjoyed and loved this 5 days course. As student also seen positive changes in them as well as volunteer also. There was a different experience of being part of children course and new learning is always there. This was my officially 2nd course i was of part of it and i enjoyed and make a new friends within children and wish to attend more of this kind.