I wanted to take a Bal Chetana Shivir (BCS) from a long time. As i assisted for many courses. Then we came to know Hopad from Durgesh which was nearby his home. We fixed the date on May 13, 2014 on the special day to share a knowledge. Then Parsad bro and i went to his home for the course.

Hopad is an orphange. It was a first day for myself as a instructor and for the new student as well. All of them were gathered in a cottage. We went inside and started with our introduction, purpose of coming, benefits of course and all along with Parsad and Durgesh. It feels good when some one is paying attention to us.


The children were more focus towards us and listening what ever we are saying.  Then we started playing games and start enjoying. The child were so innocent and loving that made us kid as well. It is a great feeling being teacher and conducting the workshop.Through out the session Parsad and Durgesh helped me alot.

All the kids were listening carefully and we are saying story also in time and time again to make it interesting. We taught them meditation and they did pretty well also. Some of them were opening eyes time and time again but most of them enjoyed.


Everyday session was started with the revision of the previous days. We gave them task of drawing anything they like and they did sketch very nicely. Some of the points were forgot to tell but i believe they have understood. As their were some intelligent kids. With the story and games we are making more fun and interesting. The smile in their faces are so precious. The energy they carry when they do meditation is just amazing and we also enjoy that pattern.

As it was the last day of the course and i repeated everything that they i have shared and which i had missed to share also. We had many jokes, song and dances as well. The most important thing was for us was a child who have not spoken properly till 4 days told a joke in a 5th day. Many of them shared their experiences of this course as well.


Now, there was a entry of the Bhawesh Sir who was invited by us with Smita, Parshad bro and deepa. Then with little short introduction of sir he started some satsang. The response of the child where little late but it went good. Then we gave thanks to all and concluded the session. They were happy and they took blessing. Hoping to see next time very soon.