I have been taking Bal Chetana Shivir continuously in this month of January. One after another it was happening simultaneously. As per the same, I got a call from Kavita Chapagain representing THIS. We had a conversation for few more time and we decided to meet at The Himalayan Innovative Society (THIS) office at Golfutar ( a place where I have never been ). Our meeting concluded that we will conduct the Bal Chetana Shivir from Jan 19 – 23 in the morning 7 -8 am at Shakti Ghar (nearby the office where kids stay).

The Himalayan Innovite Society

It was a winter season and I have to wake up early in the morning. Completing my all the morning exercise and sadhana need to rush for the course. I had invited Anjila also she came with the scooter. We went through passing all the cold air and reached to a destination where Kopila was also waiting for us. We entered into that home and started our session. As always it was fun and knowledgeable at the same time.

All the kids were from a different background. They were rescued from different illegal orphanages. In this home, they were learning many new things and enjoying their study. We were invited to share the knowledge of Yoga and meditation. Which we did with full of fun and enjoyment. They also enjoyed it and felt the peace of mind through all the process.

Prativa, a manager of that Shakti Ghar was also participating and she also enjoyed the session. Although it was a 8 -13 years old children course she enjoyed from bottom of her heart. Through game and many different activities, we taught them teamwork, leadership, focus on study, increase in confidence and much more.

This time on a final day, we saw a talent of art. Sangita made a diamond rose of paper and gifted to us. We witnessed joke, singing, poetry, dancing as well. All the kids were talented and creative in their own ways. I believe if their talent gets some opportunities they will surely be one of the rising stars of Nepal.
Shakti Ghar ARt

This Bal Chetana Shivir (BCS) had been special to me. The connection and bonding with them had uplifted me more. Our team enjoyed like we are the part of their family and vice versa. We gifted them Made in Nepal pencil (Newspaper pencil) and in return, we also got a gift of greeting card and love.

I would like to thank Kavita Chapagain and team for this wonderful opportunity.