Bal Chetana Shivir (BCS) is one of the powerful programs for children. We have been conducting this program in many government schools, orphanages and for the needy children. A 5 days program of games, fun, exploring hidden talent, drawing, meditation and with moral values makes it perfect combination designed by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar.

Suvekshya Khanal, my friend organized this BCS course in her school as they were preparing winter camp. She comes to pick me up in Jamal so that we can go to school which was in Srijanagar, Bhaktapur. We are meeting after so long time. We had many talks and laughing moments together. We reached the venue after 35 minutes and we were before time.
I was companied by Suchita Thapa di, Kopila Deuja and Gaurav Adhikari one more time in this school as well. All the kids were waiting for us and we started the session. Gradually we get connected and started playing games and having fun. We shared many knowledge and moral values. Finally, for the first time, they all did a meditation and felt blissful.

Siddhartha Academy BCS

The same routine was continued and every day we were more connected with children and with each other as well. They were learning teamwork, leadership, and many more powerful techniques. This all the techniques were helping them to control their emotion, improving in a study and exploring their hidden talents. Every day they were learning many new things and enjoying.

On the final day, we had a talent show. One of the children did an anchoring and other children performed their talents. Some of them sang, performed dance and cracked jokes. Many children face the mass for the first time and performed their talents. We all also enjoyed their talents and captured photos/videos.

Siddhartha Academy BCS

This was one of the most learning session for me as well. This session helped me to change according to a situation and focusing more on English language as well. I shared different knowledge to them and it happened vice versa as well. That is why it is always interesting to take BCS courses in different places with different children. Many more children are waiting and we are ready for it.