Welcoming a New Year 2017 by conducting the Bal Chetana Shivir at school. Isn’t it is amazing? On a new year sharing the knowledge of H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Ekata Secondary School. All the student were age between 8 -13 years old. We had already coordinate with school management and as planned everything started.

We started our session and they started participating. We played games, shared knowledge, did meditation and overall everybody enjoyed. Our 5 days program went smoothly and nicely. As always there were some highly energetic kids but in the time of meditation, they were the one who did more honestly.

Due to the courses at Hotel Annapurna I couldn’t participate 2 days but Suchita di, Kopila and Gaurav handled nicely on those days. I was in touch with them, what happened and how well children did the process. Despite from the distance, they have to come and doing volunteering will always make me grateful towards them.

Ekata Secondary school Bal Cehtana Shivir

On the last day, We had a drawing and talent rounds in Bal Chetana shivir. They drew anything that comes to their minds and everyone’s drawing was beautiful. In this school’s talent round they sang, performed dance, cracked jokes and played Madal. They want to perform more but due to lack of time everybody couldn’t perform but we had committed that we will take follow-up session where they can show us their more talents.

This course has been so wonderful that it is touching everybody’s, heart. Children enjoyed on their own way and we also enjoyed in our own way by sharing the knowledge. It was one of the schools where I had wished to conduct the course and it happened within 5 months. More schools and children are waiting for us and we will reach out all of them.