Have you heard Bal Chetana Shibhir (BCS) ? Many people can relate with its name and define as children workshop and its true. It is a shibhir for children age between 8-13 year old of 5 days. Recently, Kanya Mandir Higher Secondary School & Shree Krishna Nimna Madyamik Vidhyala students got benefited from the course. It helps students to maintain healthy body, peaceful mind, focus on study and many more with fun filled activities.

Many plans were coming in mind as i was in rest from last 4 months. Then i thought to initiate BCS & Nava Chetana Shibhir (NCS). As both the school were nearby my home so i went to talk with the co-coordinator and they agreed. They gave me time to take class and i also banged on the time with my other volunteer friend.

Few children were little naughty from both the school but all together we had fun filled session and enjoyed alot. As days keep on passing they became close to us and wished to be with us all the time. The bonding inside and outside the class was getting stronger. As they meditate i felt that connection, rhythm and smile on their faces.

Kanya Mandir School Bal Chetana Shibhir

We saw talent of many students and talked about their experience of the shibhir which encouraged and motivated me more to move forward. At the end we provided them picture of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar as he was the master of all us along with pencil made in Nepal  and some chocolate. They were happy to get all the things. Upon the shibhir completed their face were more happier and brighter.

I would like to thank Sujan Subedi, Kopila Deuja, and Anjila Shrestha for the support during the shibir. Lets Move Together.