Volunteers Foundation Nepal (VFN) is a home for more than 25 children. Yes, it is a orphanage called as Papa’s home. They have normal life style like everyone. They study, play, work, learn, teach, enjoy and most importantly they live like a family.

Aashish Koirala, one of the volunteer over there met me to organize this introductory session for children from Art of Living Nepal. Then we finalized and went to visit that place. Our motive was to encourage and empower themselves through peace of mind by meditation.

Initially we interacted with them and played some game. Then we gave them knowledge about moral values and health. Roshni gave them some health tips. I let them know about power of breath. We did meditation and everyone enjoyed over there.

One of them, a class ten student was covering his studies during break and taking our session as he didn’t want to miss any of both. One of them could not speak but he participated in few of the activities. We had drawing competition also where everyone had amazing and awesome drawing.

Volunteers Foundation Nepal

We did a experiment as well. Before meditation there drawing were normal like home, mountain, tress, birds and etc. but after meditation they became more patriotic, Nationalist, positive which there drawing showed.
Suman, Menaka, Arkana were the friends of Aashish (now mine as well) who equally supported us in this three hour session. They brought Made in Nepal pencil along with other stationary item to gift them. With the gift and inner peace everybody seem happy.

Volunteers Foundation Nepal group

Through breath they learned how to face the mass and speak infront of people as well. They shared wonderful experience being with us. We had few question answer session as well. Overall everyone enjoyed from children to our new friends. The owner of the VFN was also happy and inviting us for next time as well.