Thinking of the cultural training I was walking in the street of bhimsenthan as usual in the morning. Then suddenly i saw the posture on the electricity pole. It was written “one day cultural training” in wonde. It was interesting for me because i wanted to know more about the newar culture deeply. Then i took my mobile and clicked  few snap. After few days i called one of the number and went to meet them. I met amina prajapti and discussed about it and got myself registered.



The program was scheduled for Saturday, 5th Nov, 2016 for a whole day. I had already registered Arusha Khawas (Sister) by calling Prajapati. So as they told we reached at venue 10 am. They were beginning to verifying the registered participant and giving them a participant card. So it took little long time and program started formally after few hours. During that waiting we met Ruby Dangol friend and a sister as well as Sunita Dangol also. Later on Shasank bro also joined us in cultural training.

Initially, we were taught how to worship. As always ganesh was worship by lighting the “Diyo”. Then assuming it ganesh we worshipped with different colors, ingredients, dhoop, flower and many more. It was little messy as many newari children did not understood the newari language. So it was translated in Nepali as well. I got chance to know many different knowledge about puja as well as also by Khawas.

khawas | Cultural training

Then second session of cultural training was of Bota & Tapari. It is prepared from leaf of tree. In this we have to stitch the leaf with ‘sinkha’. For that we have to manage that in proper size and length according to it. In this process newari house wife were teaching us. They were also volunteering in this event. Khawas made Tapari fast in our group. Then slowly i also completed. We both made 2 Tapari and 2 bota. Some of the volunteers were collecting our items and stitching in our name. So that they can hang in a rope and show to others.

Then we had a break for Samaybaji (khaja time). During we were eating cultural dance were performed. It was one of the best dance i have ever seen. The way kids performed were amazing. Few kids were nervous but they did fabulous cultural dancing.

After that we were taught about the making of chatamari in Cultural Training. It is outmost necessary food item in newar culture. It is made up of grinded rice. They instructed us about the all the materials and gave us opportunity to make also. We all made 2 of each. The first one i made was small and another was big.

Perbeteshor | cultural training

Then we moved on to  make “oo” (bara). It is one of the food which is widely used in our culture. It is made up of Dal. It was also instructed how to prepare first with all the recipe. Then after waiting for my turn i made “oo” with my hand. It was supposed to be round shape and mine was almost.

Now, it was turn of Yomari. As it named “Yya” means like (maan parne) and mari means roti. It is loved by all the people beside newar also. It is made of Taechin grinded rice with “chakku” inside it. So, they taught us how to prepare all this. There was atleast one person always in a group to guide us. From their guidance i made one yomari and another by myself. All our foods were stitched by our name so that they can give us later at the end of training.

Then the final ceremony was started. All the respected people were invited and they gave few words about Newar culture and tradition. As it was getting late and long we secretly received our food and certificate through Ruby.

This kinds of program are essential so that we can preserve our culture and tradition. It was a good initiation by lammha puccha to provide us Cultural Training. As it was happening for first time many things were not done properly but it was appreciatable. I got a chance to learn many things and had a good experience also. I would like to thank all the volunteer of Wonde from child to senior people for their selfless effort. My huge thanks goes to Amina Prajapti to organize this event successfully.