Plan: Capturing the sunrise in a video for more than an hour and compiling the video into few minutes by fast forwarding the clip in order to see the revolving earth.

On Jan 12, 2015 Monday morning I woke up a bit earlier than other days. I checked the watch and it was around 5:00 am. Then being fresh I turned on my laptop with lot of thoughts about things that were required to be accomplished. One of the thoughts hovering around my mind was about capturing the sunrise in a video. The reason was every morning sun removes all the darkness and it gives hope that even after every darkest night there will be sun to spread the rays of light all over the world. It is like after a long pain, misery, sadness, heart-broken, unhappiness and hopelessness, in the form of rays of light happiness, pleasure and bliss will come to eliminate all those problems. Only thing we require is to observe with patience not being patient.

As it was too early for the sunrise, I searched in the google for the timing of Sunrise; it was at 7:02 am. Then I got involved into other tasks in my laptop and was preparing myself mentally for the video. I went upstairs around 6:45 am so that I could prepare myself. Then I took my Samsung Galaxy Grand which was fully charged and I reached at the apex of the house with 3 water tanks behind me. The tanks were cold and I was feeling cold too but I had to do this as I had planned since long.


Now, the problem was I had to hold the mobile so I thought for some other ideas and I got a perfect place where I did not have to hold the mobile and from where the perfect scenario with some houses, birds flying and movement of clouds could be captured as well. So I placed my mobile in that position and I started video-shooting a bit earlier than the time of sunrise with the intention to capture the appearing of the sun from the horizon and then rising upto the sky.

Regardless to the time mentioned in the google and despite the clear and bright sky, I saw no sign of the Sun. Still I was humming and crooning in a way that it would not disturb the video and was waiting for the Sun; utilizing that time creating a poem inside my mind. I initiated the poem at that moment and completed later on for my value addition. From that top view I was looking at the Kathmandu city with many houses, vehicles, rarely trees in backwards, movement of crowd in Kalimati Tarkari Bazzar and many more.

It was more than 7:10 am, I did not see the Sun and mobile was running out of the memory space. Birds were flying, cloud were moving slowly and finally after waiting almost half hour Sun showed up. I was just able to catch that moment for few minutes and hoping it will be enough as I had planned. But later on when I fast forwarded with the help of Adobe Premier Pro it was not good enough. Although movement of the cloud were looking good but my first attempt of capturing sun was failed.

Second time also I repeated the same thing but that time I placed the mobile slightly differently than last time. This time though I was successful in capturing the sun but it had already risen up and thus I didnโ€™t succeed in capturing e whole process. So I tried for third attempt and I believed with my past mistakes and experience I had captured it better than last two times. Here is the link of that final video.

In fact, sun has never risen and nor has ever set; it is the earth that is revolving around the sun and this causes days and nights in all parts of the globe. The distance between the Sun and the earth is 149,597,900 km yet it is providing us heat, light and energy so that everyone can live. It is the same scenario with us also, there is always happiness for each and every one of us. It depends upon us, how we gaze at our life, behave and display attitude to ourselves. As the Sun is always there, happiness is also in our life every moment.

Yes, many times we have to face difficult situation, misery, hurt from near ones but if we realize it closely we had faced similar problems from our childhood but everything has changed gradually as days and nights change. Right now also if you have any problem then it will also fade away but the first thing is you should know happiness is always there for you. Like an illusion of sun-rise if we wait for happiness to come then it will hardly come in any one of our life. Just opening our eyes does not give us clear vision about anything, we need to open our mind, broaden our vision and do & see things differently. Whatever we do our ultimate goal is being happy so smile and let others smile as well.