One day alike other days i was doing meditation. Usually many thoughts comes and go while doing meditation. This thought strike in my mind similarly about launching my website globally. I was working for website from few week. And it was finally executed on November 1st, 2016 on the occasion of Bhai-Tika, Tihar.  From more than 24 countries and 240+ new visitor dived in the knowledge of – ‘Home of Knowledge’ website. I was overwhelmed with the love and support of everyone from all over the world.

I always wished to have my own website, through which i can connect to people and vice versa. I knew little bit about website back then 2010. So, I started writing article and posting in then i promoted to and carried out to and now finally It was like upgrading myself. And my wish has been fullfilled after 7 years.


I am thankful to everyone who have supported me directly or directly to make it huge successful. People have loved it more than I expected. And i have already been able to connect to many hearts. My huge thanks goes to my close friend Suraj Vaidya who took initiation of registration and also designed and developed.

Launched in Social Media:

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As a note of thanks here is the list of those who participated in launching via Facebook & Twitter:

1.       Aashish Koirala
2.       Anima Acharya
3.       Anu Pulami
4.       Arusha Khawas
5.       Ashim Prajapati
6.       Barsha Bogati
7.       Bibisha Baniya
8.       Bina Subedi
9.       Engeela Shrestha
10.   Hemumsha Timilsina
11.   Jamir Shrestha
12.   Jayaditya Berma
13.   Kalimai Voice
14.   Karuna Thapa
15.   Kasmika Shrestha (Gyan Laxmi di)
16.   Kirei-Na Mayzu
17.   Mandeep Kaur KC
18.   Maneesa Mhrzn
19.   Meena Gurung
20.   Michelle Anderson
21.   Mna Mndr (Muna)
22.   Monika Shakya
23.   Nili Amatya
24.   Nilisha Regmi
25.   Nirmala Joshi
26.   Peeti Bhatta
27.   Pratikchha Xhettry
28.   Rameshwor Lohani
29.   Reshma Khadgi
30.   Rishika Pokharel
31.   Rituza
32.   Rohan Shrestha
33.   Rosy Wagley
34.   Sagun Karanjit
35.   Sarmee Mhrjan (Sharmila)
36.   Sailesh Upreti
37.   Smita Parajuli
38.   Sonam
39.   Stefanie Hartwig
40.   Suchita Giri
41.   Suchita Thapa
42.   Suena Muchacha Shah (Sapana)
43.   Sujan Shrestha
44.   Sujan Subedi
45.   Sunita Kandel
46.   Suraj Vaidya
47.   Suvekshya Khanal
48.   Umesh Dahal
49.   Zobila Sangroula