I eagerly waited for this day to come in my life and it was finally here. I woke up early in the morning at 3:30 am and started using my laptop to get connected with social media. Then after doing yoga i prepared to go to outside world, marathon. I dressed up (black track) which was comfortable for me.

Now, I called Rabina Shrestha as she was also participating and we had planned to go together. Then I switched off my mobile and left the purse and mobile at home. I went there and she came after a while. We took a bus to reach Koteshwor but the venue was at Tinkune. We just want to make our plan for marathon and came back to original venue Kantipur Publication, Tinkune.

Hero Half Marathon 2070 was organized by Kantipur on Falgun 7. The stage was decorated so nicely and impressively. It was all set with water resources, breakfast and other facility. After a while i found the Nawaraj dai who was also participating in co-operate of 5 Km. We took bip. No. and placed it in our t-shirt. I was wearing t-shirt and a black jacket. Mine bip. no. was 2017(in red color) and the Rabina’s was 1006(in green color), i did not remember of Nawaraj bro.

After that i realized i did not brought Snickers that i was supposed to bring on that day which was given by my mother. Then, Nawaraj dai bought 6 snickers and we got 2 each for all of us. We ate 1 snicker right at the moment to make our body energetic. Then after a while i found the member of Youth for Blood (YFB). They were having photograph over there so i also joined over and got photographed. I would like to thank YFB for the picture of ours.


Then we finally moved to the racing place. As some of the political leader were coming late, we had to wait for them to come. It was supposed to be started at 7:00 am but it started at 7:48 am. Everybody was so excited that they ran before the marathon began. Me and Rabina were together and supporting each other and motivating that we can complete it and who ever complete the race will wait for another one. This was the first time I took part in marathon and it was of 21.1 Km. I was confidence enough that I would complete it but then again i want to see my stamina, focus, energy & my inner will power. Finally race began and wishing good luck to each other, we got separated and moved ahead in our way.

I was feeling glad and proud that I was participating among 1000 people. It was my dream to participate in marathon and i was finally full filing my dream. My plan was simple i.e. just moving with a same velocity so that i can ran for longer duration with more efficiency. I knew that challenge should be within me rather than the world outside. Many participants were passing by me but I continued in same pace. After a while the number of participants reduced to 100 and slowly around 50. I kept on moving with my velocity.

I found many of participants had no plans, they were just moving with irregular speed. I thought, in that way they will hardly complete the marathon because 21.1 Km is not a joke. After certain time, i got stomach ache out of nowhere but I kept on running as I had to complete this anyway. So i continued racing, playing with the air and feeling its atmosphere. It was just amazing feeling that i was running and participating in this event.

Many people were passing by me. Many people were watching us standing at off the road and we were like a special person running on the road. I had watch in my one hand and a snicker at other. But I was not looking at the time. As Nawaraj dai was also racing for the co-operate with a black colour of bip no., he had to turn after a 5 Km. I saw the turning point of it but did not saw him. I thought he might have ran faster than me. Things kept on moving and i knew nature was supporting me. I was enjoying everything. Two girls overtook me and passed by side but still i was with in my pace because still the challenge was within me.

We got a facility of drinking water and for making ourselves cool, a sponge. Then one brother came to me and started talking with me. I was speaking less because i didn’t want to loose my energy. He started the conversation with the sponge which was thrown away by a participant which make the road total messy. He kept on saying about him and i was just listening. At that time we have reached at the end of Madhyapur-thimi and we saw a participant coming back turning the Surya-vinayak. The same person saw that in another lane and started counting on. And then i also started to talk with him.

Now, i was eagerly waiting for the turning point to come. So I was looking at a hoarding board to find the location. I knew once turning point will come then another half would be easy to complete. I finally saw a turning point and felt relief and took a turn. There was another thing in mind that once I got a chance to turn then I can see where Rabina has reached. So, after i turned i looked at the watch. It took me one hours so i was enjoying more, one more hour then it will be complete.

I had planned to increase my speed after a turn so i speed up a little and started to pass away many participant. That brother and I became friend. He was studying at class 8 and stays at ANFA. He told me his name as well but i forgot it. Now, i saw  watch for a 2nd time and i found out we still need half hour to complete and i told him too to encourage him as well. He was so friendly, he gave me a sponge full of water but i ignored it because i want this fire inside me. Then, again I boosted up my speed. He was unable to catch up with me so he stayed back and i moved ahead alone.


All the way i was taking energy from the five source of elements that is inside me air, earth, water, fire and sky. I was playing with my breath also because it does play a important role while running and everything was so amazing and memorable. Now, i have to use my final plan that i had planned, that is of running with full velocity from Koteshwor. That is why we came down from micro at morning before the marathon begins so that we can analyze the environment of that particular place which i was not familiar. So, according to the plan I boosted my speed and continued to run and move ahead along with many participants. I overtook those two girls who overtook me far behind at Madhyapur Thimi.

On the whole journey i kept on smiling and because of my smile the traffic police said, “run faster you are behind girl.” But as i know i had to speed up from Koteshwor I kept on smiling, did not answer at all. Finally I saw the ending point. I overtook a person at the final point and completed my race in 2:04:04 with a rank of 201. I got a snicker in my hand that was half melted by heat from my hand. I ate that and rested. I did not know they were recording timing, later on i knew and went to check my timing but they are so busy updating others timing so i have to wait to look mine. By that period of time i took my black jacket which was in locker and came back to same place, made another friend who was waiting for his friend as well as watching the record of timing and position.

Now, one thing that remained was waiting for Rabina so i stayed at that ending point and started to talk with new friend. I know she will come but by the time she came that record keeping management had moved away so she did not find the ranking but she completed it in 2hours 35 min according to my watch. She was total tired and i made her sit and figured out she needs more rest so we went inside and sat in chair and drank water. The prize distribution was happening in stage but for me her health was more important so we went to take rest. I knew she did not wish to talk too much so i also stayed silence. By the time i realized i should let her drink tea and i went for it but it was already finished. After taking rest for some time, we moved from that place as we got notice from speaker that we will get certificate after 2 weeks.

Rabina wanted to go by walking but looking at her condition i told to go by micro. She was refusing to move on with vehicles. So we walked upto Baneshwor. There we found Deepa Bhusal (friend of mine) in scooter. She was there for her interview in Standard Charted bank but the person she was waiting for was not in office and did not came at all. Deepa was also hungry as she came directly after giving her exam. So we went to hotel and had a jeri-puri and tarkari. Then asking guard brother whether that person is coming or not we went to home on deepa’s scooter with triple load and it was fun. She took us from subway so traffic won’t trouble us. She left us in Sanepa and we walked home from there. I left Rabina near her home and came back to mine. A memorable, fantastic, amazing, awesome, happiest journey was concluded with smile 🙂