Nowadays everyone’s concern is outer world and outer diseases but my concern over here is let’s focus on inner world and its system. (Right now our main focus is in our Immunity System) Our body is a wonderful gift of a nature and it’s working phenomenal is so amazing that every time I think of it I get amaze. From the birth of a human body to its growth and its inner mechanism is so well designed and created that we can wonder about it. It’s a same body where it consume so many things, generate energy from it and after that has a particular place for disposal inside the body as well. And we have to do same thing with the Nature but at times we have failed to do so and have faced so many consequences and it’s still affecting our daily lifestyle.

Immunity system has a huge role to play in our daily life but yet it is most neglected by most of us. We have been doing so much of work to balance our daily life so that we can survive in this world. Same with the immunity system to protect our body from all the diseases and all kind of causes. It has been operating day and night making sure that our body becomes healthy and we become happy. The basic principle to be healthy is focusing on good healthy food , right amount of sleep , rhythmic breathing pattern and driving mind towards calm & Meditative.

Immunity system is like a armed forces in our body which protect from everything. So now it’s High time to support our armed force so that we can double our strength to stay healthy and happy. One of the best things we can do is not letting our immunity system decrease by not doing any heavy work for the body and being away of stress situation or not taking any kind of stress as much as possible. This is the time we have to protect ourself not only from Physically but from Emotionally, Mentally, Socially and Spirituality. We have to see the possibility to boost our immunity and here are some health tips for this:

  1. Amruth – Also known as Giloy or Guduchi, Amruth is an immunity-enhancer.
  2. Amla – source of Vitamin C (best for boosting Immunity)
  3. Tulsi – treating upper respiratory and lower respiratory diseases such as cough, cold, and dyspnea.
  4. Black pepper – when consumed with turmeric, that boosts immunity.
  5. Yoga and Pranayama ( for building Immunity) – Practice Daily min. 20-30 mins

           – Ujjayi Breathing / Kapalbhati Pranayama / Nadi Shodhan Pranayama ( Alternate Nostril Breathing ) + 15-20 mins meditation & Sudarshan Kriya Yoga

Depending upon the diseases some preventive methods:

  1. Avoid crowd places or go with mask.
  2. Good Food , Rest and breathing pattern.
  3. Stay Hydrated.
  4. Sanitizing and hand hygiene.
  5. Don’t eat sugar contain foods. (Decrease immunity by 50%)
  6. Don’t do any heavy exercises or getting physically fatigue work.

I am not that student of health but whatever my general understanding that I have just shared with all of you. If this can help anyone then it would be great and would like to say everyone to see the positive side of every person and situation. Let’s be optimistic and share the good things around so that we can help each other, inspire each other and boost each other energy in every difficult situation of life. Let’s spread Love Care Share virtually as well. Drop the message to your friends, family and relatives. One Call might make a difference. Always remember you being healthy means your family is our healthy and safe. Start taking care of yours and give attention to small things.

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