Rafting was on my bucket list from a very long time. As I got busy on my own schedule and work I never got the opportunity to complete my wish. Although many offer and opportunities pass by me I couldn’t grab any of those. This time i succeed on my wish for a cause Raft for change, Raft for Dolpa.

Sahib Baidya bro had been taking initiation with his team for this cause. As he was associate with the Snow Yak Foundation(SYF) which objective is providing quality education to children of a remote region of Dolpa. The Founder of SYF is Binod Shahi and he has been working since 13 years on this project.

Dolpa Rafting


Most of the meeting were organized at mine place at Samayabaji and Bara house, Basantapur. My other friends like Sagun were also interested in taking part in it. That made me connected and getting all the information regarding it. Although I was not sure about going for rafting. Then one day before the event I managed everything and decided to join this wonderful cause of giving education through rafting.

It was on Saturday 10th June 2017. Everybody was invited at 6 am and most of us reached on a given time but we started our journey 1.5 hours late as we called it Nepali time. Initially, Sagun made me introduce with his friends namely Himanshu, Rojen, Suja, Deepa and I knew prajesh from quite well time. Later on Sumit joined us at koteshwor. It took us around 3 hours to reach our destiny and we had our breakfast at Rafting Star, kavre.


Then preparing ourself for rafting we took our life jacket, helmet and paddle. Then finally we reached our main destination near the sukute beach. There we got guidance about the rafting techniques and skills to save ourself and our friends. We were around 150+ which was scheduled in two shifts and we were among the first shift. We were exactly in 8 number for rafting as a perfecto combination with 2 girls and 6 boys.

Finally, we began our rafting as the instructor were guiding us. It was my first time and I was excited about it at the same time I was cool and calm. It required lots of alertness and awareness towards the captain of our boat as he was guiding us every single time. I was enjoying and observing the river carefully how it flows. It was fun and adventures for everyone of us. I believed we got a very good team work and it made our bonding more strong as well. We got many photographs clicked during our rafting.


After rafting, we had our lunch and rested for a while. While our other friends were enjoying the swimming and playing volleyball in swimming pool. As it was for educational cause I got connected many new people as well. I had a very good discussion with Binod Shahi dai also. We returned little earlier than our 2nd shift in which sahib was also involved. Overall we had a very good time and enjoyed the day.

Thank you to Sahib and Snow Yak Foundation (SYf) team for organizing such a wonderful event to support the children of Dolpa. Lets everyone contribute what we can do for this kind of wonderful projects for children.