SnowYak Foundation has been doing volunteering services in Dolpa from last 14 years. It has made huge transformation in education sector and it has helped to develop that community as well. Bind Shahi who has been initiating this service from the beginning and sending volunteers to those area for better education and sustaining the village. Here, they invited me for the insight of awareness of self and others where I representing The Art of Living Nepal.

I reached the venue on time and met sahib bro as we have been coordinating from few weeks. Everybody was having some exercise and then had some breakfast and finally session got started. It is always a best feeling to see the smiley face and share the knowledge. Everybody seems to be curious and excited for it.


SnowYak Fellowship

Slowly and gradually session get interested and smile got bigger. Some games and knowledge made it more easier and comfortable to understand. The basic principle to be aware of our body breath and mind gives a meaning to whole life. With a practice session and on the spot of realization of simple things made everybody understandable.

The best part of that day was meditation. It has been always amazing that people find peace, joy and happiness within. The simple awareness to breath, body and mind which connects to soul and bring harmony to each and everybody. A moment to be cherish and wish everyone to live in those moments. And the experience of Binod dai while he did a course and how it helped him during dolpa visit made a perfect conclusion of it.

SnowYak Fellowship

Will be always thankful to sahib and Binod dai for wonderful work they have been doing and will be always there for any kind of support and help.