I was roaming around  Basantapur Durbar Square along with DSLR camera. While clicking photos of streets I reached Hanuman Dhoka. There I saw chinese people sitting on the floor and among them one was making sketch. He was doing street art of our heritage. Then i watched him for few minutes and got along with my photograph.

Hanuman Dhoka Square Nepal Qui Li

During that time many people came, saw and went. Few people blocked his view on his subject so he stood up to see and continued sketching. I was behind him observing him carefully and as well as the scenario. He had other friends too. I started talking with them and found out his name Qui Lei.

Time passed on. I was taking photograph in regular intervals. My memory card got full i changed it. Then battery also got low so i kept my camera off. Finally after three hours he completed his painting.  We talked and he added me on Facebook. We became friend and clicked our photograph.
Perbeteshor Qui Li

Creativity enhanced to its maximum, when a PHOTOGRAPHER meet an ARTIST at a SPIRITUAL place. It was a awesome experience to be an observer of his painting through my sense and lens. Overall it was a #SPIRITPHOTOART.