Once a year “World peace day” is celebrated all over the world. This year 21st September on Sunday, 2014 “World Peace Day” is carried out with “The Planet mediates” in Nepal and the slogan for it is ‘Let’s share peace’. It was organized by Volunteers For A Prosperous Nepal (VFAPN) to combined all the youth based organizations to do meditation. An initiation by “The Art of Living Foundation” which vision is “A disease-free body, a stress-free mind and a violence-free society”.

The 6th edition of Planet meditation was celebrated across the more than 100 countries including Nepal. Inside Nepal, many cities like Kathmandu, Chariot, Pokhara, Birgunj, Chitwan, Biratnagar,Butwal, Nepalgunj, Dang also celebrated. In Kathmandu, it was in Baneshwor center of “The Art of Living” from 5:00 – 6:30 pm.

As my opinion being volunteer/participant for this event, it was very good experience for me. All of us have to register our name to be part of this program with the name of the organization. I also register my name and started doing some task. Representing more than 30 organizations, all the participant (100) entered to the hall. A Full time instructor of “The Art of Living” Bhawesh Khanal sir welcomed everybody and program gets started. Initially i was staying behind so that the other entire new member can stay ahead. But few seconds of load shedding brought me to move forward to the check the alternatives of the light. Then after that i stayed ahead and unexpectedly one of my friend Neelam has reserved the place for me to sit. It was her comeback after a long time. So i accepted her request in a while and started to listen Bhawesh sir.

All sort of thing regarding stress was being explained. How we can eliminate stress and provide more productivity for our organization. In 21st Century, all of us have being facing the stress and here we were getting a best advice to avoid stress and remain cool and calm. Some of the tips to overcome from stress:

  • Stress is because of our mind travels in past & future.
    • (So live in a present moment)
  • Mind has a tendency to grab the negativity fast.
    • (Being aware and taking right decision)
  • Trying to throw negative thought is like to giving invitation.
    • (Be in meditative state and remain cool)


We learned about the Pranayama. Those who have high prana level they remains energetic, smooth and steady, calm, positive and enthusiastic & those who have low prana they faces worries, conflict, fear and negative thoughts. After that we did some Vastrika to energize our self. It was taking the normal breath in and forceful breath out with moving our hand up and down. We were introduce about the “OM” as well. Even while earth is rotating it produce the sound “OM” so it does not belongs to any religion. So we also did some “OM” chanting. An audio message by the H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on the planet was played and gave us a Borden vision why should we do meditation. It was said that, before we bring peace in outer world we need to have peace inside us, and then only it is possible. The link of audio is here:

As all the session went with fun and knowledge which made us to understand easily. Meditation which brings calm mind, better communication, inner strength, blossoming skills and many more were taught. Then meditation was started after few warm ups doing Vastrika & chanting “OM”. The best way to get more benefits is closing our eyes close and so did I. A 20 minute of “OM” meditation in H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar voice was played and the background music of tannapura & flute was perfect combination. As per the instruction I was going deep into the meditation. Many thoughts were coming and going but i being with myself and enjoying the moment. I was “Feeling an energy inside the body and charging our self fully” as our Bhawesh Sir told. One of the best meditation was done with more than 30 organization’s people as well as with the youth also. It was just like for a few minutes but already 20 minutes has been passed.

One of the benefit of this meditation helped to writing this article as well. As i was planning of writing any article since few months back so finally now i did it. The vibration/connection was so different and interesting to feel that moment again. Few experience sharing of those who have done for the first time was invited and listening them feels better. After this successful meditation there was charm and happiness in everyone faces. A program was concluded by closing note with let’s move together for peace and prosperity of Nepal.

Let’s do meditate and share this information to all. I also moved one step ahead with this meditation and having lots of positive energy to enhance my potential and serve the nation for the better future of World.