Tuberculosis (TB) became a very good friend of mine. I had no idea when we became together but meeting TB and being with it was a blessing for me. It helped me broaden my vision and most importantly, gave me an opportunity to know myself deeply. The past six months had been so amazing and memorable for me.

Before I used to rush for volunteering work from morning to evening. I had always postponed things for it. I had no quality time with my family as well. I was lost in my own world where my focus was only on working. Then, one evening while I was coming home back on a bus I spat blood. Initially, I was confused regarding what it was. Then with a continuous cough and spit of blood made me aware that i need to consult a doctor asap.

I conversed with mom regarding that and we visited the nearby hospital. They said services were closed for that day. Thus we were required to visit following day. Then next day morning I was in a college with my friend for a talk session and the same thing happened again. I was not able to even take a breath. Somehow I got control over my breath and with the help of my friend we went to a hospital.

There I met a doctor and consulted regarding what happened. I told him that there was blood while coughing from about a week but no tiredness or weakness in my body. He suggested me to do sputum test and x-ray. As per him I did and revisited. Then he confirmed that I was infected with Tuberculosis. Yup, somewhere deep inside me, i was feeling bad as many opportunities went away from my hand. But the pros are always there. I shared very good times with my family, started taking medicine from the nearby health center and had a very good rest with varieties of fruits and food.
It became a very nice vacation for me. I took a positive portion of my life and ignored the negative portion. I completely rested and stayed home for 2 months. During that time I got time for myself. I read many spiritual books and knowledge of H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, founder of The Art of Living. I did daily meditation as well to make myself stress-free and stabilize my emotions.

Perbetshor Sanjay

One of the best things was I could spend quality time with my family. As I grew up in my Uncle’s home, I hadnโ€™t had enough time to spend with my parents. This time I was at home and they were taking care of me. I got an opportunity to witness their love closely and deeply. I realized most of my habit were the carbon copy of my mom and dad. During all this day I never felt bored. I enjoyed each and every day along with learning something every time.

Then slowly, I started traveling to nearest walking distance. I had always wished to know my culture and traditional from the root. I started collecting the information of Hanuman Dhoka Durbar Square (Basantapur). It was nearest to my home and I have been most of the time there. One of my passion is photography as well so I clicked many pictures as well. Although due to earthquake many of the heritage has been destroyed and it’s in a maintenance phase. During Indra Jatra, I observed and enjoyed all the different dances of god.

One of the other good news happened to me was that I graduated from UCLAN University, Bachelor Degree in IT representing Softwarica College of IT & Management. As I always wanted to take Search Engine Optimization (SEO) training that wishes also got fulfilled. In Photography, I won the first prize in “Peace on Earthโ€ Competition organized by Search for Common Ground. Through which i got training of photography from Artist Kailash K Shrestha, founder of Artudio.

I usually had lots of pending works and one of them was making my personal website. I started that and launched my website โ€œPebeteshor.comโ€ globally. During this time I understood myself more and increased the knowledge of importance of wellbeing. Staying at home I started writing articles, poem and quotation and kept in my website. All the courses that I have been conducting of Bal Chetana Shivir & Nava Chetana Shivir also got a space in my website.

During this six month I got opportunity to work with Senior The Art of Living Teacher Damayanti Rayamajhi Mam & Neeva Pradhan Mam. With Damayanti mam, i got experience of taking children course while with Neeva mam I got opportunity of dealing with corporate courses like Hotel Annapurna. I met Sudha Basnet di as well who has been empowering women and producing Made in Nepal Pencil by recycling waste newspaper.

I was thinking of opening an IT office where we can provide service of website and SEO. My team was already ready and I was in search of office area. As my all sputum test of 2nd month / 5th month / 6th month was shown negative, I got more motivated and inspired to do more for myself and others as well. Luckily I found a space for office at Basantapur, opposite of Kasthmandap. There I launched my IT office known as Computer Online Centre (COC).

Per beteshor sanjay

It has been a wonderful journey with Tuberculosis. It gave me many opportunities and lesson of my life to learn. For many of them same Tuberculosis might have been troubling but for me it was a boon. It is only our state of mind that depends upon. If we can keep our mind cool and calm then we can turn every unfavorable situation into favorable. Every disadvantage into advantages & every failure into success. Nothing is bad or good it depends upon how we take the thing and react upon.

Thank You


Duration: 11th July 2016 – 11th Jan 2017

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