Go cart driving has been seen from long time but never tried or thought of doing. This time with friends it has been planned and everyone was ready to get a new experience in life. As all the the planned is set and finally we all went to the Go Cart using Google Map.


We choose to go via Bus and it was cheap also but we got off the bus one stop early so we had to walk little more in sunny day. Then finally we reached and we saw racing area, food area and other football playing section as in below picture.


Then we paid the amount to be paid and checked the all the rules. Then we get into action by wearing the helmets. Initially Yadav & Bibek went and they enjoyed their ride of 10 lapse. As it was Yadav plan and he loves driving he drove easily whereas Bibek found little difficult. Then rajat went and he did also excellent. Then my turn came and I was somehow not able to find right balance. So the engine was getting on/off and I was thrashing the tiers as well. Overall it was fun and bikash helped to clicked photo and video.


Then we ordered the food and started playing football also. This time rajat clicked the photo and we were busy playing football and it was interesting. It helped to use our both right brain and left brain. We played around 3 games of 10 minutes and it was fun. Bikash and I was in the same team & Bibek and Yadav was in another team. We had amazing time playing and having fun.


A day well spend with friends and total new experience for everyone including me. Thanks to yadav, Bibek, Rajat, Bikash for amazing time together and fun. Little fun in life gives more boost to serve world in more better way.


Venue: 21st Kanakpura road, Go Cart, Bangalore, India