I Excel I Integrate course designed by our H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for the corporate level. This course is basically focused on the mid-level managers who have to coordinate with their boss and down line to their staffs. Annapurna Hotel is the first one who got the I Excel I Lead course for the Top Level Manager and now I Excel I Integrate for the Mid-level managers.

This session was of 15 hours which happened in the premises of Annapurna Hotel itself. Early in the morning before 8 am we Neeva di (Instructor), Laxmi di (Teacher) and Uttam bro (Teacher) were inside the hall. All the mid-level managers registered themselves and session started. One of my friend Rajiv Shrestha was also participating in this program.

i excel i integrate

Initially, we introduced each other and Neeva di started the session. Everybody started participating and giving full attention. A Slide presentation was showed so that it will be easy to understand. After 2 hours of a slide presentation and interactive session, we had a break time.

Now after the break we started some yoga session. Many of them were doing the first time and some of them had experience earlier but overall everybody was enjoying. This session was very beneficial to eliminate stress and to be more relax. It has been wonderful experience for them and us as well.

This 3 days 4 hours session of I Excel Integrate has been wonderful session for those Mid Manager participant as they got opportunity to know themselves and others as well. Different method to deal with senior and junior both. And the most important self evaluation. It was another wonderful experience for me in Annapurna Hotel & i am loving it.