Life is full of surprises. Every moment every second new thing is happening. One of those experience that I have been through that was such a wonderful and amazing. It was a first course of I EXCEL I LEAD of The Art of Living. This session was conducted for the senior level of Hotel Annapurna by Neeva Pradhan mam.

I EXCEL I LEAD (IEIL) is an 18 hours session of 3 days. We had already made ready everything that was required for the course with Laxmi di, Uttam bro and Neeva mam. Early in the Tuesday morning, we all met at Annapurna Hotel. It was the first time I was volunteering in this hotel and with Neeva mam as well. I was full of excitement and happy for this IEIL.

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My work was on projector and laptop. All the senior people started to come to the hall. We distributed the name tag and let them sit inside the hall. Then Neeva mam begun the session and everybody start enjoying and being interactive. We went through power point presentation and ended up with Sudarshan Kriya.

Every day there was a new knowledge and different process. Every minute all the people feel more connected with themselves as well as with others as well. They played many games, participated in many activities, gave 100% in yoga and much more. Even they were senior level people they were so humble and nice to everyone and following every instruction carefully.

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One of the most interesting was their experience of course at the end of the session. They shared that it has made them stress-free, connected to themselves more now, handling the worst situation in a better way, better coping up with the staff and much more. I was happy to hear such pleasing experience of there and it was motivating us to do more for them and others as well.

Life gives us many opportunities. We just need to grab those and work on it. So this was one of my best volunteering ever. I got to knows many things during the course and before the course. I personally felt one step more uplifted and it has increased my responsibility towards our society more.

i excel i lead Hotel Annapurna (1)

I would like to thank Laxmi di, uttam bro, Kishore sir for the support and obviously Neeva mam for trusting me. Hopefully, we will do many such programs which will make a huge impact on the organization, society and a country as well.