H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is a peace ambassador. He has made difference in 6 continent and more than 370 million people’s life has been touched through The Art of living. Here, stress free society, violence free and disease free body is the vision of the founder H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. I love to call him Master / Boss / Gurudev.
Sri Sri
I reached ashram on January 3,2020 and so he did Guruji after two days. Witnessing his divine presence during satsang made me feel blessed. Then the sequence of meeting the master continues:
1. Waiting for his 1956 vechile to arrive and witness him.
2. In Yagnasala, made us do meditation.
3. Everyday satsang at the amphitheatre.
4. Conducting session during Teacher Training Program.
5. Then, for Sanyama taking session.
6. Athi Rudra Homa (rare event)
7. Personal meeting and blessing at his office.
Sri Sri & Perbeteshor
Basically, the visit made me divinely grateful and happy. Graduating as the Happiness Teacher Program, completing Sanyama, taking, took sankalpa on Athi Rudram Homa, and completion of Bhagwad Gita 18 was a perfect end to the most awaited days of my life. Most special are witnessing him at his office and feeling the way he work and take blessing for everyone.
Sri Sri & Perbeteshor
Key Highlights
1. Met him at Vishalakshmi Mandap with all international participants doing TTP. Where I asked a question “ what should we have to do to build ashram in Nepal” and his answer was to find a good place 🙂
2. At the last day of TTP session when we gave rudraksha, Nepali topi, shawl and most important Project Pavitra documentation. Where he said,” I will check it”.

3. Last day leaving from Bangalore….all the Nepali devotee did darshan as well as individual blessing and Prasad and he said he will come to Nepal soon.

Sri Sri & Perbeteshor
Grateful to Master H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar for infinite presence and unconditional love and Happiness.Together we walked, talked, laughed, chanted meditated and most importantly we served happiness and smiles. This trip isn’t the hold but it is truly the beginning. That’s why I love to say it is just beginning 😉😁🙂