On stepping the 25th century of life, I wish a very Happy Birthday to me. The silver jubilee started with so much excitement, energy, and enthusiasm. This is a day when you become busier with incoming calls, replying text, replying in social media and getting a blessing from the senior.

Life provides us gifts to surprise us every moment. This year also I was surprised with the surprises, gifts, and love from everybody. As every year new family and friends get in touch so by default more love is added up in my life. As after every night, there is new morning same way after every night we get a new life. So for me, EVERYDAY IS MY BIRTHDAY. Life always gives more energy, excitement, and happiness. That is why it is called: LIFE IS A CELEBRATION.

Perbeteshor & Mother

From childhood to now we have been gifted so much physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. We have always valued the gift we received from our friends and family but we rarely notice that our life is a gift itself. And this life is to serve those who need help from us. And each birthday remind us to be more responsible to our duties and spread smile all over the world. So why to celebrate birthday once in a year, celebrate it each and every day. By the way age is just a number, and who cares it right? πŸ˜‰