Youth working for national project like oldage home through the initiation of youth club of Softwarica is a wonderful feeling that from collage level this kind of work has been promoting and it is making the differences in the society. This is the same college Softwarica college of It and management where I have done the graduation and it hold special place.

Softwarica college

One of the student name Roshan has been volunteering in The Art of Living Nepal and studying in Softwarica as well. He got a proposal of financial donation for this project through AOL and mine feedback was it will be better if we can give them free session regarding Mind and awareness. Which helps them out of stress moments and be more confident and Free to work with full enthusiasm.


As the communication and coordination resulted talk session for the youth of nation at Softwarica college. Youth gathered and I began the insight of Mind and Awareness. Initially, they found it normal and interesting. Which kept them engaging and informative as well. Then meditation part made a huge difference in the level of mind. The peaceful and the silence after the meditation made me myself amaze and gave wonderful feeling.

Softwarica college

The reaction and smile on their faces probably opened the new dimension of their life. At the end we had some financial contribution to organizer as well for the national project. Every small single acts can make a huge difference and this has been ours.


Thankful to Roshan and Pratigya (Vice president of Youth club of Softwarica)