In this pandemic we are all panicing and we are not getting desired result as we are wishing. The search is still on for the Medicine of Covid-19 but as always, is medicine is the solution for this kind of disease? This time can we think out of the box or can we approach some ancient techniques or any other modern science things to get out of this pandemic?

My concern over here is we are again doing same mistake again . Every time searching solution outside is not an intelligent decision. This time let’s search inside of it and let’s go to depth of the cause. How it begin and how it can be end. If the problem is inside the body then the main solution is also inside body itself, Whatever we do  outside will be just as a supporting action and Medicine is always supporting aspect. Main aspect is properly channelizing energy inside body.

As far as I know those who have less immunity they get infected faster and lead us to death. So the first thing is we have to keep our immunity strong, that’s it. So all the things that increases immunity we have to intake and reduce whatever decreases our immunity. All the patient who have been went through Covid-19 has recovered by increased of immunity itself. So disease and cure is co-existing, we just need to witness it.

The way world is searching for medicine and waiting for medicine is we being distracted from the truth and Fact. Yes, it’s communicable disease so we have to be careful as all the health organizations says but at the same time we also have to be smart . Let’s focus on our inner capabilities and possibilities. A proper life style of simple Yoga , Pranayama , Meditation, proper food and sleep can make a huge difference. That is how we can win over this and make a better world around us.

Nature really wants us to ponder upon our self potential and immunity power that is within us not a medicine for a disease that will heal us. It’s still not late if all of us start focusing on our inner self and observe our activities & behavior. So that we will be in a better position.

Solution is not outside, it’s Inside.

Increase Immunity


P.S. I am not a health expert but this are just by thought and feelings. It has no intention to harm anyone feelings. I appreciate all of those who have serving and helping even this crucial phase of life.