Sri Sri giving a talk on Management mantra in Nepal, isn’t is amazing? Sri Sri a humanitarian, spiritual leader and an ambassador of peace shared his word of wisdom on March 5th, 2017 at Annapurna Hotel. On the occasion of 50th anniversary of Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FNCCI) in association with The Art of Living all the corporate people were blessed with his presence.

Initially, the program was hosted by Ranjit Acharya then passed on to the Neeva M. Pradhan. The crowd of more than 500 people gets energized as H. H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar was welcomed by Neeva di. Bhanu di and Nirvana Chaudhary were other special guests to attend the program.

Sri Sri in Nepal Management Mantra

Key points of Talk on Management Mantras | Creating Excellence at Workplace

1. For Management we need to develop our intuition. We can’t be a good business person if you don’t have a good intuition !!

2. We have to be Innovative.

3. We need to have a sense of belonging with the people working for us.

4. Success is an unshakable confidence within oneself & a smile on the face.

5. Tough people are a boon to the society. They develop our communication skill or else we will give in to corruption.

6. It’s not enough to have GDP (Gross Domestic Product). it’s important to have GDH (Gross Domestic Happiness) It’s very important to have a Work/Life balance in your Life.

7. Recognition is not important for work, a result is. But if you’re in politics, u need it.

8. Business men, religious leaders & Media should remain away from politics but Politicians need all these three. If they work together in times of crisis then they can make a big difference.

9. Our own life example can inspire our children. Make them do charity from our side, at least 3℅, 5℅, some amount, make our children participate in it. We have to teach our children how to come out of their comfort zone & grow.

10. Insomnia is the lack of dispassion. Every night when we have to sleep, we leave everything & sleep & one day when we consciously recognize this, we will have dispassion. Our garments/shoes have longer shelf life than us. Everything remains, our body is perishable.

11. Passion is important to work, to achieve. Dispassion is important to remain sane, happy, to be able to enjoy everything. Compassion for all.

12. Meditation brings dispassion in your life. For 10 minutes every day, leave aside everything & spend time with yourself. If you cultivate dispassion, nobody can make you unhappy on this planet. So much joy, happiness, ecstasy, so much you can give to other. You take right Decision.

13. If you’re happy, you can exuberate happiness. We convey more through our vibrations than our own words. You can only give what you have.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Nepal Management Mantra

A wonderful experience of being in Sri Sri presence and learning the management mantra from him was a blissful moment of my life. I would like to thank our team for this valuable time and support to make this program successful.

Sri Sri will be in Nepal until March 5-8, 2017 as he has to do inauguration of Shatswat Dham at Nawalparasi. Get more information with the Hashtag #SriSriInNepal

Photo Credit: Sajan Thapa